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First-class Si sensors to determine irradiance intensity during PV monitoring


Reliable monitoring of your PV system’s ambient temperature and module temperature


Premium pyranometers, anemometers, climate sensors and other measuring instruments

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For over three decades, we have been the leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision sensors and measurement systems for photovoltaics. Our robust, innovative solar irradiance sensors and other devices are used in industry and research worldwide. Our highly qualified, experienced team is synonymous with quality, innovation and a customer-centric approach.

About us

The world’s most successful reference cell

The consistent further development of our durable, high-precision Si sensors to measure solar irradiance has been the focus of our activities for more than 30 years. What makes our measurement instruments so special is that they feature the same design as standard PV modules. They thus not only deliver exceptionally comparable reference values but are also extremely robust. That is why major PV system manufacturers and operators and research institutions such as ISFH, FhG-ISE, SERIS and NREL place their trust in IMT Technology Si sensors.

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Recognized worldwide

Whether you are a research institute or a globally active solar group, our sensors and measuring devices are indispensable for anyone in the photovoltaics sector who needs to rely on quality and precision.